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Tourney Direct’s versatile platform easily adapts to any sport, making staffing management for your tournament, game, or event intuitive and reliable. It ensures you get the best talent, top-notch coordination, and save hours of work.


The platform offers:

  • Efficient Staffing: Simplifies the recruitment and management of coaches and staff.
  • Easy Stipend Payments with TD Pay: Ensures secure and timely stipend payments.
  • Real-Time Updates: Provides alerts, weekly status updates, automated reminders, and QR-code check-ins.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Offers tools for event planning, budget management, staff coordination, and communication.

Read on to discover how Tourney Direct transforms staffing challenges into smooth, efficient operations designed for your particular sport and event, all here on our sports hub page.

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How We Make Your Sports Staffing Easy

Tourney Direct is the ultimate staffing solution designed from the ground up for sports teams, coaches, event organizers, and team owners. Our platform streamlines recruitment, management, and payment processes, making it easier than ever to handle staffing needs for any sports event.

Forget about the hassle of manual administration and outdated systems, TD’s user-friendly software simplifies your work and lets you focus on what you do best:

Event Organizers

Tourney Direct simplifies event staffing and management, allowing you to

  • Efficiently recruit, confirm, and manage staff for your sports events.
  • Automate stipend payments and reduce manual administration tasks.
  • Replace outdated systems like spreadsheets with a user-friendly interface.
  • Access detailed event planning resources and streamline communication with staff.
  • Ensure timely payments through our TD Pay system.

Coaches and Staff

Experience the convenience of a platform designed to advance your coaching career and directly find stipend opportunities:

  • Easily find and apply for stipend opportunities across hundreds of sports events.
  • Manage your schedule, confirmations, and earnings through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Receive timely payments and manage your financial details with TD Pay.
  • Enjoy streamlined communication with event organizers and reduced administrative burden.
  • Access detailed event information to stay prepared and focused on coaching.

Team Owners

Harness the power of Tourney Direct all in the palm of your hand with our mobile app:

  • Manage your team coaches on the go
  • Verify coaches are where they need to be when
  • Protect against buddy check-ins, and receive real-time alerts to approve and pay your coaches
  • Save time, improve operational visibility, and reduce administrative overload for you and your coaches!
  • Focus on growth, not paperwork, with our all-in-one solution.

See What Tourney Direct Can Do For You

Discover how our platform improves sports staffing for any sport and any event:


Tourney Direct simplifies your basketball event staffing: Easy hiring, communication, and payments

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Efficient staffing, seamless coordination, and painless payments for hockey tournaments.

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Tourney Direct for staffing rugby events: Easy hires, quick communication, hassle-free stipend payment

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Optimize staffing your rugby event with Tourney Direct: Easy to use, fully featured, stress-free management

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Tourney Direct:
Your All-in-One Sports
Staffing Solution

Tourney Direct revolutionizes sports event staffing management for organizers, teams, and coaches. Our platform simplifies hiring, coordination and communication, and manages stipends efficiently, allowing event coordinators to save time and focus on what truly matters. Teams access top-notch coaching expertise and resources, while coaches enjoy easy stipend acquisition, seamless communication with event planners, and prompt payments. Adaptable to any sport and scalable for events of all sizes, Tourney Direct ensures a stress-free experience for all users, making your sports staffing experience effortless from beginning to end.

What Our Clients Think

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    The list of coaches you put together to attend our event is unreal! This is going to be a real draw for our college skills clinic.

  • star-icon

    Absolutely loving the new tools and features of Tourney Direct! This has been so easy to set-up and use.

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    The feedback from the teams this weekend was so good. Thank you times a million for the extra effort. We are very appreciative of you and your staff.

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