TD Teams

Lead Your Coaches & Staff With TD Teams

TD Teams transforms the way you staff and manage rec, house, and club coaches. With simple screen taps, handle the coordination of your coaches and staff. Enjoy peace of mind with every feature you need and want easily integrated into our powerful sports event staff app—such as GPS snapshots of check-ins, buddy check-ins, instant pay approvals, and more.


TD Teams: How It

TD Teams provides a dynamic platform tailored for managing coaches and staff across rec, house, and club levels, delivering a professional level of service. This powerful tool streamlines check-ins, payments, and tax management, all accessible and easy to use across devices. Whether you have one team or dozens of teams to manage coaches and staff for, TD Teams equips you with all the necessary tools in a single app, saving you time and making it easier to manage your coaches for practices, games, and tournaments on the go!

TD Team Features

We’re here to help make everything easy for you and your team coaches with an easy to use on the go app with real-time visibility so you can check team coaches in, assign and approve their pay all with the touch of a screen.

  • Remote GPS Snapshot time and date stamped for peace of mind
  • Buddy check-in prevention for accountability
  • Real-time notifications sent to you for pay approval
  • Pay, W9, and 1099 management powered by TD Pay
  • 12-month historical tracking and reporting of check-ins at your fingertips

TD Teams Benefits

TD Teams addresses common event staffing challenges by automating check-ins, managing payments, and streamlining tax processes. Our platform eliminates the hassle of manual coordination and financial discrepancies, ensuring that rec, house, and club level coaches receive professional, efficient service. Enjoy enhanced operational efficiency and reduced administrative burdens with TD Teams.


TD Teams:
How to Start

We’re proud to be the sports staffing management software platform where ease of use meets functionality. There’s nothing to getting started with TD Teams. All you have to do is:

  • Register for an Event Operator account
  • Select TD Teams and subscribe
  • Enter your info and manage and monitor with ease

What Our Clients Think

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    The list of coaches you put together to attend our event is unreal! This is going to be a real draw for our college skills clinic.

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    Absolutely loving the new tools and features of Tourney Direct! This has been so easy to set-up and use.

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    The feedback from the teams this weekend was so good. Thank you times a million for the extra effort. We are very appreciative of you and your staff.

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