Transforming How You Staff Sports Events

Tourney Direct takes the hassle out of finding great coaches and staff for your tournament, match, or event. As potential candidates register to participate in your events, you can easily review and select the best fit. Our platform streamlines the process of inviting and managing coaches, tracking their involvement, and processing payments through TD Pay. With automated reminders, QR-code check-ins, and real-time updates, you'll have efficient and effective coordination, ensuring an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Event Organizers

Staffing Starts Here

Find out more about the features of Tourney Direct designed for sports event organizers. Our intuitive platform makes the entire staffing process simple, from recruitment to payment, so you save time and effort managing coaches and staff. Click below to discover how our solutions will reduce stress and streamline staffing so you can focus on organizing successful sporting events.

For Teams

Focus on the Growth, Not Staffing Admin

Our mobile app and platform offer a comprehensive, on-the-go coach tracking, check-in, and payment solution replaces expensive, heavy HR systems, back-end solutions, spreadsheets, and file systems freeing you to zero in on growing your teams and developing tomorrow’s players. Click below to learn how our easy-to-use app can save you time and administrative headaches.

Why Choose Us

Choose Tourney Direct for unparalleled ease in managing sports events staffing, where innovative solutions meet exceptional support to ensure your success every step of the way.

Easy-to-use tools

Easy-to-use Tools:

Our staffing platform offers intuitive tools that simplify event staffing management, saving you time and effort.

Elevated visibility

Elevated Visibility

Stay ahead of the game with real-time updates, effortlessly manage staffing levels, and harness the power of automated reminders and remote check-in for flawless event, team, and coach coordination.


Save Time

From managing stipend budgets to seamless remote check-in, secure payments, and streamlined 1099 management, our platform empowers you to focus on what truly matters

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