Staffing Lacrosse
Events Has Never Been Easier

Tourney Direct makes staffing your Lacrosse events straightforward. With easy hiring, clear communication, and painless stipend payments, our platform ensures efficient staff management, leaving you more time to focus on the many other tasks involved in running your event.

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The Complete
Lacrosse Event
Staffing Solution

Tourney Direct simplifies everything an organizer has to do for staffing a lacrosse event. Save time and effort by using our platform to easily hire the best coaches and staff, coordinate with them, and pay their stipends. Coaches benefit from streamlined communication and direct payments. Adaptable for all sports and event sizes, Tourney Direct ensures a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Connect, Manage, & Pay

With Tourney Direct, connecting event operators with coaches and staff is just the beginning. Our integrated suite of services simplifies staffing for lacrosse events of any size.

TD Staff

Streamline your event staffing with our staffing management platform: invite and manage coaches, track participation, and handle stipends. Enjoy automated updates and QR-code check-ins for hassle-free management.

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TD Teams

Simplifies managing rec, house, and club coaches. Features include remote GPS snapshot check-ins, real-time pay notifications, and comprehensive payment and tax admin through TD Pay.

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TD Pay

Secure and swift stipend payment processing for coaches, managed by Tourney Direct and powered by Stripe. Ensure timely and accurate payments, real-time budget tracking, and 1099 management.

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TD Benefits

Tourney Direct revolutionizes lacrosse event staffing by reducing administrative burdens and making everything run smooth. Our platform automates time-consuming tasks, handles stipend payouts, and provides real-time updates, allowing you to focus on organizing successful events without the stress.

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  • Save time with automated staffing processes
  • Reduce stress with streamlined communication tools
  • No more writing checks & manual payments
  • Eliminate manual tracking with automated reminders
  • Improve staff coordination with real-time updates
  • Effortlessly build and maintain a standby list.
  • Don’t worry about over-spending with our budget tracking
  • Let staff come to you, so you don’t have to hunt, find, and remind

How to Get Started
with Tourney Direct

There’s nothing to getting started with Tourney Direct and it’s free for coaches and staff. And we’re to help you at any step. All you have to do is:


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Set up your event details

Provide your event particulars, including dates, sites, and necessary roles, to optimize planning.


Now easily manage & pay staff

Now you can use our platform to schedule, oversee, and process payments to your staff all from one convenient location.

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