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The Ultimate Staffing
Solution for Sports Teams

Harness the power of Tourney Direct all in the palm of your hand with our mobile app. Designed to help you manage your coaches on the go, our easy-to-use app helps you verify coaches are where they need to be when, protect against buddy check-ins, and receive real-time alerts to approve and pay your coaches. Focus on the growth of your teams and the development of your players not paperwork, Venmo receipts, spreadsheets, tax forms, and payment administration.


Easy Coach Tracking, Staffing, and Pay Management

Whether you run a club team, a rec team, or a house league, our all-in-one TD Teams on the go mobile app simplifies the process of coach tracking, check-ins, and payments all in the palm of your hands. This ensures that everything you need to run practices and staff teams for tournament or game play is just a tap away, saving you time, driving increased visibility, and reducing administrative overload for you and your coaches!

How to Get Started
with Tourney Direct

There’s nothing to getting started with Tourney Direct and it’s free for coaches and staff. And we’re to help you at any step. All you have to do is:


Register for an account

Sign-up to access a full suite of tools and app access created to save you time and energy in managing the operational side of your team


Subscribe and set-up your teams details

Select your subscription type and provide your team details


Distribute and Use!

Receive step-by-step guides to help you and your team’s coaches get started with our app and start checking and paying coaches today!

An Intuitive
On-The-Go App

Our all-in-one on the go mobile app simplifies the process of coach tracking, check-ins, and payments all in the palm of your hands. Simplify the form, check-in, and payment management of the coaches for your club, house, or rec teams. Gain visibility on no shows, protect against buddy check-ins, assign, approve, and pay – all with the tap of a screen!

  • Remote GPS Snapshot time and date stamped for peace of mind
  • Buddy check-in prevention for accountability
  • Real-time notifications sent to you for pay approval
  • Pay, W9, and 1099 management powered by TD Pay
  • 12-month historical tracking and reporting of check-ins at your fingertips

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