What Is TD?

Tourney Direct is the ultimate platform for effortless sports event staffing. Our intuitive software solution streamlines the process of finding and paying staff, managing communications, and ensuring seamless staff coordination. Experience a hassle-free approach to tournament and event staffing—TD’s designed to simplify every step for organizers and coaches alike


Modernize Your Sports
Staffing Approach

Say goodbye to the hassles of sports event staffing with our all-in-one staff management software and app. Finding and hiring coaches becomes a breeze, while stipend payments are automated, replacing the need for spreadsheets, check books, and scattered communications. TD does what you need and keeps everything you need in one place saving time and minimizing stress for both you and your coaches.

Powerful Staffing Tools
for Sports Events

Tourney Direct offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify every aspect of your sports event staffing process. Our intuitive platform provides instant visibility for your stipend opportunities, attracting a wide pool of qualified coaches and staff. Staff coordination is achieved through real-time updates, automated reminders, and easy check-ins, ensuring that everyone stays informed and prepared. With Tourney Direct's efficient payment processing, you can say goodbye to wasting time mailing out checks, collecting W9 forms, and managing 1099s, as we handle all aspects of secure stipend distribution. Our reporting and management tools allow you to effortlessly track event budgets, adjust staffing levels, and receive timely alerts, ensuring the success of your event. Choose Tourney Direct and experience the unparalleled ease in your sports event staffing, backed by our exceptional customer support.

Getting Started with TD

Registering takes just a moment, and our support team is always here to assist you with any questions.

All you have to do is:

  • Sign Up for an Event Operator Account
  • Choose Your Service and Subscribe
  • Post a Stipend Opportunity or Add a Team

Connect, Manage, & Pay

With Tourney Direct, connecting event operators with coaches and staff is just the beginning. Our integrated suite of services simplifies staffing for tournaments and events of any size for any sport.

TD Staff

Streamline your event staffing with our staffing management platform: invite and manage coaches, track participation, and handle stipends. Enjoy automated updates and QR-code check-ins for hassle-free management.

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TD Teams

Simplifies managing rec, house, and club coaches. Features include remote GPS snapshot check-ins, real-time pay notifications, and comprehensive payment and tax admin through TD Pay.

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TD Pay

Secure swift stipend payment processing for coaches, managed by Tourney Direct and powered by Stripe. Ensure timely and accurate payments, real-time budget tracking, and 1099 management.

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Our Team

Meet the team at Tourney Direct, the creative force behind our platform who are dedicated to making sports event staffing more efficient for you.

Kate Wellner,
CEO of Tourney Direct

Greg Pasha,
Director of Recruiting

Rebecca Lewis,
Director of Recruiting

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