TD Pay

Easy Stipend Payment to Your Coaches & Staff

Leave the financial details for your sports staffing to TD Pay and focus your efforts on running an unforgettable event. From secure payouts (which we handle entirely, eliminating manual one-by-one sending) to comprehensive 1099 management, we take care of it. Powered by Stripe, our system ensures quick payments to coaches and event staff within 48 hours, adherence to eligibility criteria, and real-time budget tracking.


TD Pay: How It

TD Pay offers a straightforward approach to handling your event’s staffing financials. Our system, backed by Stripe, takes over the work of paying coaches and staff: we quickly processes payouts to staff and efficiently manages all necessary tax documentation. This automation ensures payments are made within 48 hours, and real-time budget tracking keeps you informed every step of the way

Coaches receive stipend payment within 48 hours of receipt of the stipend budget

Only coaches that meet the criteria receive the stipend payment

Real-time reporting to trace the payments aligned to your total budget

Last minute coach changes are managed by Tourney Direct in real-time

1099s are fully managed, filed, and mailed by Tourney Direct

TD Pay Benefits

You can be free from the complexities of managing event finances, from writing dozens of checks to endless spreadsheets, dealing with delayed payments and cumbersome tax forms. TD Pay eliminates the need for manual processing and tracking. Our user-friendly platform, accessible across your devices, enables you to swiftly manage payouts, track budgets in real-time, and handle tax documentation. Stipends are paid out quickly, ensuring compliance and satisfaction. Enjoy the clarity and confidence that come with having all your financial operations consolidated in one place, handled by one solution.

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How it Works

Explore the flawless functionality of TD Pay and how it makes stipend pay and budgeting for your sports events effortless. We’re here to make everything easy for you and your coaches!

Event Operators

Deposit Stipend Budget

Coach Scans QR Code or Check-ins via the TD App

Stipend payment is made to coaches after the criteria has been met

TD Pay:
How to Start

There’s nothing to getting started with TD Pay. All you have to do is:

  • Register for an Event Operator account
  • Add TD Pay to Your Subscription
  • Now easily manage payouts and budgets

What Our Clients Think

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    The list of coaches you put together to attend our event is unreal! This is going to be a real draw for our college skills clinic.

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    Absolutely loving the new tools and features of Tourney Direct! This has been so easy to set-up and use.

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    The feedback from the teams this weekend was so good. Thank you times a million for the extra effort. We are very appreciative of you and your staff.

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