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Guide to stipend payments

Stipend payments are provided in several different ways. We’ve put together some FAQs to help you learn more about stipend payments and what to be prepared for.

I'm confirmed to attend an event for a stipend.  How does payment work?

Depending upon the event, a stipend payment will be made directly by the event operator to a coach or Tourney Direct will handle the payment processing on behalf of an event operator via TD Pay.  In either case, the first step is to review the event details page on your My Event Dashboard to find the event in question.  Click on the green "Event Details" button.  This will take you to the "Important Event Details" page.  Scroll down until you get to the "Stipend Payment" section.  Details on how you will receive your stipend payment will be provided here.

Event Details

What is TD Pay?

Tourney Direct has partnered with Stripe to provide you with TD Pay; a stipend payment solution that is safe, secure and simple.  

  • You'll receive your stipend payment for working an event within 48 hours of your attendance at your event.
  • Only coaches that meet the criteria receive the stipend payment:
    • A coach must be confirmed to attend or work the event for a stipend.
    • A coach must check into an event by scanning the QR code available at the info tent/check-in table for each day they are required to attend.  No exceptions.
    • A coach must have a payment account with TD Pay set-up and enabled.

How does payment work if Tourney Direct (TD Pay) is handling the payment processing on behalf of the event operator?

Steps to receiving your stipend payment via TD Pay:

  • Login into the stipend portal, click on the My Payments tab, and click on the green "create account" button.

Screen Shot 2023-06-05 at 6.23.42 PM

  • A pop-over window will appear that looks like the below screen capture.  You will need to provide your email address and mobile number.
First Step Image for TD Pay
  • Click the "continue" button.  You'll then be asked to enter the verification code that was sent to your mobile number provided in the previous screen.  This is to ensure you are who you say you are and is one of the many protection layers built into the process.


  • You'll automatically be taken to the next step where you'll be asked to identify whether your payment account is a business or an individual account.  This has tax implications so be sure to use your LLC account if you want your 1099 tax form to be filed for your LLC and not you personally.


  • Select the bank account you'd like the stipend payment to be deposited into into.  You can search for your bank or you can enter the details manually.


  • Select which account you'd like to have TD Pay send your stipend payments to and click continue.


  • Where it asks for your website or a product description, simply state that you are a "college coach" in that field.
  • Review your details to make sure all information is correct.  Click "Agree & submit".  Once you have completed this step, Tourney Direct will receive notification that your account has been connected and enabled.  We are now able to send you stipend payments for any of the events you attend to work that we are providing stipend payment management for.


Q:  Why did you move from checks onsite to electronic payouts?

A:    Electronic payouts provide enhanced benefits to coaches that physical checks do not:

  • You need flexibility and require last minute changes (i.e. you need to send a different coach last minute; you can only stay for one day not two changing the stipend amount, a stipend spot opens-up last minute, etc.)
  • You want a seamless payout that removes the risk of losing a check or forgetting to pick up a check at the end of an event
  • You accept new jobs seasonally resulting in frequent moves impacting end-of-year 1099 distributions
  • You want a safe, seamless, and easy way to track your stipend payments per confirmed stipend events
  • You work many, many events throughout the year; with Tourney Direct, you sign-up once and can receive payment from multiple events

Q:  Is my information safe?

A:    TD Pay powered by Stripe provides you with 5-layers of data protection.

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