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How Can I Update My Payment Account Information?

I selected the wrong payment account or I need to update the original payment account I provided. How can I make those udpates?

Please follow the below steps to update your bank account information tied to your TD Pay account:
  1. Log into the stipend portal
  2. Click on the My Payments tab
  3. Click on the button to view your dashboard
  4. Once the Stripe dashboard window opens, you can edit your bank account or payout card information by clicking on the avatar icon in the top right corner.  This will bring you to "Your Account" page.  Under "Payout details" select the relevant platform, then click the bank account or payout card you want to update.
  5. You will be sent an SMS with an authorization code which will prompt you to enter it on the Dashboard page. 
  6. Once the authorization code is verified, you can then update your bank account or payout card by following the prompts on the screen.